Digital Transformation

Digital, IT Operations and Business Transformation

Design, Plan, and Run security transformation projects to transform legacy processes into digitized businesses


Information Technology and Business Consulting

Strategic consulting to enable implementation of state-of-the-art data security and data privacy for new digital businesses.

Project Management

Proven expertise according to PMI and PRINCE2 standards and methodologies


Change Management & Operational Readiness

Consulting to enable a smooth transition to digitized processed

Digital, IT Operations and

Business Transformation

Unlocking’ success in digital transformations. As technology can be an enabler for innovation and new business operating models, leading companies force their digital transformation programs. Digitization, Digitalization or Digital Transformation. What is the difference?

We help companies to improve their digital journey by considering not only technology but all relevant specifics of their organization and culture. For example, creating transparency through an end-to-end process requires a tremendous change in the organizational behavior which is used to work with a functional perspective only. .

Whether chemicals, automotive or public companies. Digital initiatives are already having an impact on almost every industry. From creating the digital strategy, throughautomated IT Operations or helping companies to innovate through the identification and realization of new business operating models, we consider the entire value chain.

Most Important, we drive Digital Transformation by building security directly into business value chain.

Information Technology and

Business Consulting

HANA, S4/HANA, Cloud, Big Data, IoT or Artificial Intelligence: The digital transformation offers companies immense opportunities. However, in order to unlock these, business processes and models must be consistently put to the test, scrutinized and realigned. This is a mammoth task that often overwhelms companies. Also because they simply do not know where and how to start.

This is where e2 Security can help. Our IT strategy and process consultants help you to develop and implement your digital agenda – from the development of an IT roadmap to process design and automation to the creation and IT operations. To this end, we bring along a mature methodology suitcase as well as their own integration solutions.

We accompany your business transformation by integrating security combined with holistic consulting. Our team combines many years of expertise with proven methods and tools.

Project Management

Our project managers are well experienced and familiar with modern project management methodologies such as PMI or PRINCE2. Regardless whether it is waterfall, hybrid or pure agile, our project managers will support our clients to be on time, achieve quality and stay on budget. No matter if they support a 3-month assignment or an entire transition program over several years.

We partner with your people from the beginning, give them key roles, and support them with training and access to plans and tools. When the project nears completion, they’re ready to take over.

Change Management and

Operational Readiness

In the present, companies have learned to teach employees skills so that they can perfectly solve their concretely assigned task. Now it’s about getting employees from A to B – mentally, not physically. The strongest vision is of no use if employees do not embrace it, do not become ambassadors of the previously developed future creation. Successful change management is prerequisite for successful digital transformation initiatives

Change facilitation. Systematic and situation-appropriate support of individuals, groups and organizations in the successful management of change and learning processes with an immediate effect on the achievement of current goals and the solution of associated problems (these are effectiveness and efficiency) and with a lasting effect on the ability to deal professionally with change and learning processes in general (these are readiness for change and ability to change).

Successful change management makes these interdependencies visible and illuminates all aspects that enable us to reduce the complexity of the overall change and to uncover what needs to be done in the dimensions of “effectiveness and efficiency” and “willingness and ability to change”.

No two change projects are the same. Leaders know this: what sets their own company apart are the people who work in it and the culture in which they work together. This is unique. The scope of change support therefore always depends on the nature and specifics of the change project in question.

Our change experts are familiar with the set-up of suitable communication plans and trainings, considering modern and reasonable approaches and methodologies like design thinking and PESTLE.