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e2 Security is an owner-managed IT cybersecurity company with headquarters in Bonn.
Our experts are specialized in Cyber & Information Security and Digital Transformation

We create Cybersecurity

e2 Security implements cybersecurity as an integral part into your business applications
In order to compete in fast moving markets with demanding clients, companies have to provide state-of-the-art mobile solutions. While public focus shifts more and more towards data privacy and data security, new technology solutions using cloud providers increase the complexity of the IT landscape and open more attack angels for bad actors

Cyber & Information Security

Regardless of the industry sector, any security breach or data leakage has a huge impact on the reputation of the company and causes immediate revenue impact.

Investments made into data security and privacy will not only benefit endusers (PII), but also protect intellectual property, prevent reputational damage and enable the business to deliver reliable services in the future.

Digital Transformation

e2 Security professionals are very experienced in implementing proven technology into your business. We strive to work with you as a trusted partner to elevate the effectiveness of digitalization

We team-up with our customers to combine industry expertise and relevant management consulting skills with long standing IT security operations experience


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