We are against any form of violence and war

The employees of e2 Security stand by our friends in Ukraine.

We as a company are for the protection of any life . We are against any form of violence and war.

Our employees also have family and friends in Ukraine.
With horror we follow the events of the last days. The aggression against a country and its citizens who want to build themselves a future in freedom, we also condemn in the strongest terms.

We ourselves have experienced the people of Ukraine as friendly, open-minded who are proud to build a life in freedom.

For some of our employees, memories also come back to them when they saw family, friends and comrades die during the war in Yugoslavia. We know how our friends feel right now, fighting a heroic battle against an overwhelming aggressor.

Our thoughts are with all the brave people in Ukraine , the Russian citizens who bravely stood up to these attacks and for all those who have to bear the cost of a senseless war.

We as e2 Security stand by the people of Ukraine, our friends and their family.

#StayWithUkraine #StopWar #StayTogether

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